The Serpent’s Ear

One of a kind artist book


7.5″ x 13.25″ x 1.5 ”

Cloth covered single tray box with covered diorama.

A complete snake skin mounted on right with poem on left

A Serpents Ear was made in responce to a call for entries by the Philadelphia Athenaeum for the exhibit “The Decorated Book: Contiuing a Tradition” The piece was chosen and exhibited at the Athenaeum , 219 S 6th Street, Philadelphia, PA from December 2, 2011 through March 15th 2012  In The Serpents Ear I have used a real snake skin found in my garden, which is seemingly without tear and complete including the opened mouth and head. The completeness of this arifact inspired me to consider it for an art work. I wrote a poem to give voice to the creature enclosed.    $300.00

The Serpents Ear

I can hear  the snap of a seed opening

I can hear the clack of a beak against an un-opened shell

I can hear the earth crack before spreading roots

I can hear the hiss of wind before bending limbs

I can hear rain falling from an empty sky