This work is a collaboration with poet Beth Feldman Brandt who was inspired by The Herbal: or General history of plants”(1633) by John Gerard, that she studied in the Rare Book Collection of the Lendhardt Library of the Chicago Botanic Garden. Many of the plants attributes were defined by the four humors, which included the four elements, four ages of men, and the seasons. Owen made four paintings that embodied these notions, and used these images in the book.

The typefaces are Perpetua Roman for the text and Perpetua Titling for headings. The paper is Mohawk superfine cream. The binding uses a cloth covered chemise to hold a soft cover sewn case that is hinged with cloth covered spine strips. The cover paper is embossed, as are the chapter headings. Three copies produced, each signed by Owen and Fedman. One copy available for sale.  $600.00