A Cabinet of CuriosaA Cabinet of Curiosities refers to scientific/natural history collections made by scholars, nobleman and wealthy merchants in the 17th centaury that were meant to express the collector?s erudition and wealth. The objects collected were of diverse subjects often of the natural world: sea-shells, insects in amber, fossils, skeletons of real (and factious) animals, but they also included jewelry, carved ivory, scientific instruments, spheres, clocks or musical instruments. I have long wanted to develop a book on the theme of these “cabinets” using the Wagner Free Institute as a resource. I was fortunate in being able to partner with the librarian of the Wagner, Lynn Dorwaldt in 07, and developed this work form the research I did on site.

The book includes two separate narratives, each bound and illustrated as separate books, a folio of images that included 16 scanned graphite drawings, 4 mono-prints and 4 soft ground etchings. I cased the 2 narratives, and the folio in a box which includes a diorama of leather cast natural objects, affecting a cabinet in itself. I made three copies of this piece, and gave one to the Wagner Institute.

One copy available for purchase