Our Days are Drawn Upon the HeavensAstronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world. —Plato

In this title Owen has developed an astronomical calendar for the last year of the last millennium, 1999. Using small star maps, and text that describes specific astrological events she records each month of the year. Overlaying these pages are quotes from scholars, poets and scripture that reflect the spiritual awe that study of the heavens can inspire. On each page following she uses hand marbled black paper as a backdrop for stenciled images of the month?s prominent constellations. The text used with the star maps is Dante, set by Michael and Winifred Bixler, and was printed letterpress by Art Larson, at Horton Tank Graphic. The overlays were laser printed on Bienfang translucent white, using Garamond. The illustrations include 5 relief etching, and 7 stenciled images. The book measures 10? x 15 1/2 ? and was bound by Owen using a cloth covered chemise. The title was printed in an edition of 30, with 5 lettered Artists Proofs.

Text and illustration by Claire Owen | Turtle Island Press | Price: $600

10% discount offered to libraries


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