Honey from the Mouth of a WolfBrother you called me,
As if kinship were so easily summoned.
Yet for all the promise of that simple word,
I left my feral wood, teeth tucked politely behind the lip.

In this contemporary interpretation of the St. Francis legend, Owen responds to a story she was given as a child called ?The Seven Miracles of Gubbio, and the Eighth?. The Gubbio story tells of a wolf that Francis tames, and gives the power of miracles. Honey from the Mouth of a Wolf combines two voices, a simple narrative recounting events from the saint’s life, and a poem that gives voice to the wolf.

Owen uses 9 photo-etchings to illustrate the book. It is printed in red and brown on Rives heavy weight paper, and has pochir border decorations. The 20 page title measures 9 1/2 by 8 inches. Art Larson at Horton Tank Graphics in Hadley, Massachusetts, printed the text and plates. Text and titling are set in Romulus, with Pastonchi used for the poem. Golgonooza Letter Foundry composed the type. The binding, done by Owen, is made of a red silk blend, with printed inset label. Printed in a numbered edition of 30 with two Artist?s Proofs, AP1 and AP2.

Perhaps we could have lived this miracle,
that the wolf could sleep under the shepherd?s roof,
that though my jaw would ache for the bite of a bone, we could live in trust
of words from the lips of a saint.

Claire Owen | Turtle Island Press | Price: $750

10% discount offered to libraries


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